• Frequently Asked Questions
    Question 1 : What are the prerequisites to publish my paper in the journal ?
    Ans : You must have an article ready. There are many types of article given in Submission link. Prepare any one of them and then follow the instructions in that page to publish it.

    Question 2 : What would be the initial step to publish my paper in your journal ?
    Ans : Firstly download the sample paper format from the Downloads page and format your paper in the same format by following instructions in it and then follow the step by step instructions as given in the Submission link.

    Question 3 : What are the charges to publish my paper in the journal ?
    Ans : Refer Page Charges.

    Question 4 : What is the significance of hardcopy of certificate of publication ?
    Ans : Harcopy of certificate of publication authenticate you publication. One can show it as a credential in interviews.

    Question 5 : Is this journal open access ?
    Ans : Yes this is an open access journal. It means your research is available to the companies, scholars and the whole world for free to read.

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